Sunday, December 11, 2011

Developing Portable Business Apps for the BlackBerry

In the recent IBM Tech Trends 2011 report,  IBM reported that 70% of the more than 4,000 members of its developerWorks community who participated in a recent survey planned to develop mobile apps for Android. Not surprisingly, a mere 19% planned to develop for iOS. It is interesting, however, that 9% have already indicated plans for WebOS. About 35% and 25% plan to develop mobile apps for Windows 7 and BlackBerry OS respectively. A population bias against Apple’s iOS can be expected in the developerWorks community, so no one should try to read the death of Apple into these numbers. If anything, this is a good indication that while most of the non-Apple crowd will be developing for Android, significant numbers will also develop for Windows 7, iOS and BlackBerry OS, and a growing segment has already focused its attention on WebOS.

Magic Software’s uniPaaS Application Platform provides developers with the ability to develop for multiple mobile operating systems and tailor the look and feel for each mobile environment without having to develop using multiple languages.

To get started as a uniPaaS mobile developer, try attending the live webinar Developing Portable Business Apps for the BlackBerry. The webinar will be broadcast live Wednesday, December 14, 2011 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time or may be viewed as an on-demand recording here after that date.  

The webinar description states that: “Now you can develop business apps for the BlackBerry that can be easily ported to other mobile platforms as needed in the future. Get just the right level of functionality, interactivity and integration with back-end systems for your BlackBerry users today while preserving your options to deploy to native Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile environments in the future. See a hands-on demonstration and see how the same application platform can deploy cross-platform HTML5 apps as well.”