Monday, November 28, 2016

Magic xpa Runtime Form Designer

 You may enjoy this video on the use of the Magic xpi Runtime Form Designer. It describes the use of the Runtime Form Designer in Magic xpa. With the Runtime Form Designer you can now make changes to the form during Runtime mode. The Runtime Form Designer provides the following functionality:
  • Move controls on the screen by dragging and dropping and by using the keyboard. You can even move controls from one tab to another.
  • Resize the controls.
  • Hide (and restore) controls.
  • Change some of the controls’ properties, such as Color and Font. The changes can be saved per each user or in a central location.

The following elements are provided to the Developer in order to develop for the Runtime Form Designer programatically:

  • Open Form Designer event – Opens the Runtime Form Designer. This event has an optional parameter, Admin mode, to define whether the end user can delete controls or see hidden controls.
  • Controls Persistency Path environment setting – This setting governs the location of the files generated by the Runtime Form Designer.
  • ControlsPersistencyClear function – Clears the persistency of the controls.

Click here to see the video: Magic xpa Personalized Screens for Your Users.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10 Reasons to Deploy Your Existing Applications as Rich Internet Applications with Magic xpa

10 Reasons to Deploy Your Existing Applications as Rich Internet Applications with Magic xpa

                                  Rich Internet Applications Extend Your Reach

With Magic xpa, Rich Internet Applications extend the reach of your business applications to locations anywhere on the Internet. Satellite offices, home offices, and your traveling workforce can simply connect to the Internet and access their applications.

           Rich Internet Applications Can Go Mobile

In addition to being able to access applications from desktop and notebook computers, Magic xpa RIA applications can be deployed on Windows Mobile devices, which opens up your business applications to your mobile workforce and field workforce in even more exciting ways.

          Rich Internet Applications Are Rich, As In Interactive

With a whole host of highly-interactive user interface controls built-in to Magic xpa, your applications have the kind of responsive up-to-date look and feel that users expect and need. This enhances the user experience leading to greater employee, trading partner and customer satisfaction.

Rich Internet Applications Are Rich, As In Media Intensive

In addition to all of the native graphical file formats supported from within a Magic xpa "form" or "sub-form", the Magic xpa RIA client can see all types of media types within a so-called "browser-frame." It allows you to display the kinds of rich media (pictures, sound, animation, video, etc.) that you are used to seeing in a web-browser without the overhead and anarchy of the browser itself. Which reminds us…

               Rich Internet Applications Are Browser-Free

Web browsers impose all kinds of interaction uncertainties and security concerns. The advantage of Magic xpa’s approach to RIA is that is browser-free. You don't have to worry about other windows popping-up, the back button, or security violations due to the end-users manipulation of the security settings on the browser or their appetite for cookies, exposure to viruses, adware and other risks.

 Rich Internet Applications Don't Require Terminal Servers (such as Citrix)

Since Magic xpa extends your reach across the Internet, you won't need layers of expensive third-party technology just to let your users see your applications. That saves money, reduces architectural complexity and simplifies installation.

Rich Internet Applications Can Be Built With Magic xpa Unified Development Paradigm

Magic xpa’s unified development paradigm means you don't have to develop complicated architecture for rich client and server interaction, you don't have to use two different tools and programming languages – one for the client and for the server – because Magic xpa Studio environment allows you to develop in a unified fashion for both client and server with automated management of technical and communication layers. That means all of the session contexts and caching are automated according to your application design. It's Magic, after all.

Rich Internet Applications Built on Magic xpa Can Access Local Client Resources

With Magic xpa,the applications you create can access local resources such as XML, databases, email and local files. In the real world of business, not all vital information sits on the server at a centralized data center. Sometimes you need information from the users' machine or access to things as simple as local printers or other I/O devices.

Rich Internet Applications Based on Magic xpa Are SaaS and Cloud Ready

Some companies want to be able to deploy the software applications they create to multiple users on a Software-as-a-Service model. SaaS models flourish with browser-free RIA like Magic xpa because of the heightened security and really all of the reasons mentioned above.  It's great to know that you can deploy your RIA applications today knowing that you can take advantage of SaaS models in the future.

Rich Internet Applications Built In Magic xpa Are Magic!

Calling a business application framework "Magic" conjures up different images in different people's minds. In the best sense, those familiar with Magic Software know that it isn't about hocus-pocus or risky shortcuts, the long tradition of application deployment using Magic, eDeveloper and now Magic xpa is about scalability, reliability, transactional integrity and an innate developers' productivity that extends from our foundation as a rapid-application development environment. It isn't just about working with what you know, it's about knowing it will work. Magic Software Enterprises stands behind Magic xpa Rich Internet Client deployment mode with full support, professional services and a strong community of developers and customers ready to ensure your success.