Monday, November 28, 2016

Magic xpa Runtime Form Designer

 You may enjoy this video on the use of the Magic xpi Runtime Form Designer. It describes the use of the Runtime Form Designer in Magic xpa. With the Runtime Form Designer you can now make changes to the form during Runtime mode. The Runtime Form Designer provides the following functionality:
  • Move controls on the screen by dragging and dropping and by using the keyboard. You can even move controls from one tab to another.
  • Resize the controls.
  • Hide (and restore) controls.
  • Change some of the controls’ properties, such as Color and Font. The changes can be saved per each user or in a central location.

The following elements are provided to the Developer in order to develop for the Runtime Form Designer programatically:

  • Open Form Designer event – Opens the Runtime Form Designer. This event has an optional parameter, Admin mode, to define whether the end user can delete controls or see hidden controls.
  • Controls Persistency Path environment setting – This setting governs the location of the files generated by the Runtime Form Designer.
  • ControlsPersistencyClear function – Clears the persistency of the controls.

Click here to see the video: Magic xpa Personalized Screens for Your Users.


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