Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making the Business Case for uniPaaS as a Metadata Engine and Platform

Our customers are the best source of referrals and new customers for uniPaaS. Quite often we receive requests from existing customers for materials that can help “make the case” for uniPaaS. One of the more interesting White Papers to appear on the Magic Website in recent months is Ofer Spiegel’s “Business Applications: Building a User Interface to Deliver Optimal User Experience”.

We have previously made the case that:
A ‘metadata engine’ is a ready‐made business application engine containing pre‐written technical and administrative functions and services. It enables you to bypass the intensive technical code‐writing stage of application development and move quickly and efficiently to deployment.

In terms of uniPaaS, we have therefore stated that:
The uniPaaS development environment is really a visual representation of application ‘assets’ and business rules that’s stored in XML based ‘metadata’. This metadata business structure can be easily transferred from one deployment scenario to another (for example; Full Client to SaaS) with minimal effort.

But the new white paper by Ofer is really about creating the optimal user experience in business applications. Improving the graphical user interface or richness of a software application is an important goal. But user interface trends change and what looked modern a year ago may appear old and stodgy today. This makes a metadata approach all the more important to the application designers, architects and programmers who have the responsibility of maintaining business applications.

Take a look and I am sure you will think of someone that you can refer to Magic Software as a potential business partner or end-customer. After all, what business doesn’t need better software?

For additional information, please download our FREE! White Paper! entitled "The 5 New Essentials of Building Business Applications."

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