Friday, September 18, 2009

Enterprise IT Architecture

Business Models, IT Architecture, and IT Engagement

With all the hype around cloud computing (even the US government is getting into the cloud computing act) and the true maturing capabilities that surround it, enterprise IT architecture is coming under increasing scrutiny.

What is the role of enterprise IT architecture in achieving business success?

Enterprise IT architecture should support the business operating model and be achieved through an IT engagement model. These three elements taken together (business operating model, enterprise IT architecture, and IT engagement model), provide a foundation for business execution. Based on a clearly defined business operating model, the enterprise architecture can be developed or adapted to support the model. The key elements of an enterprise architecture are digital business processes, IT infrastructure, shared data, and customer interfaces. Assessing the current level of architectural maturity within an enterprise, will provide a basis for further recommendations to enhance architecture and infrastructure.

This review should help to reveal any business silos or fossilized business processes engendered by current architecture. Assessment of current and planned use of technology standards will allow a further determination of architectural maturity. Critically, an assessment of the core business systems and their level of optimization will lead to a further level of understanding and recommendations for enterprise architecture. Finally, based on successful recommendations related to operations silos, standardized technology and an optimized core, recommendations for business modularity and a service-oriented architecture needs assessment can be conducted.

With these various reviews providing a better picture of enterprise architecture and its maturity, specific projects to enhance the foundation can be recommended and executed. Magic Software's Global Services team is highly experienced in conducting enterprise architecture reviews that are relevant for organizations.

Should your organization consider cloud computing, private clouds, hybrid clouds? Should you upgrade to the latest uniPaaS application platform for a better end user experience?

Before even answering these questions, a review of enterprise IT architecture should take place. Who better to advise you on architecture to support business applications and cloud computing than Magic Software itself?

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