Thursday, March 4, 2010

K&K Management Solutions On The Go With the uniPaaS Application Platform

Using the uniPaaS application platform for mobile applications that connect delivery vehicles to the home office makes sense – and dollars too. K&K Management Solutions use Magic Software’s uniPaaS to make a suite of software for the refined fuels and propane industry. K&K has been creating leading-edge energy business and law enforcement software since 1986. Energy-Force and Energy-Track are twin applications for home office and mobile units that optimize the business of energy delivery. And Energy-Image automates the management of documents to streamline paperwork and ensure compliance.

Energy-Track puts mobile truck automation “at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere.” When K&K makes software modifications in Energy-Force, they immediately deploy the same changes in Energy-Track so they're always in sync with each other. Energy-Track puts the solution to energy delivery inefficiencies in the palm of a drivers hand. Literally. Running on a handheld Panasonic ToughBook with standard Windows, Energy-Track allows the capabilities of Energy-Force to be delivered on the go.

More than a ticket printer in a truck, Energy-Track empowers drivers so that office calls are reduced. It puts critical info at drivers' fingertips, including contract/pre-buy info, pricing, call-ins/minimum drops and delivery "holds" on a tank, and more.

It also balances daily trip/manifest reports for every driver and prints a professional invoice for customers. Best of all, when the mobile unit syncs with Energy-Force, Energy-Force attaches a copy of the original ticket to its history line item and the original trip/manifest report to the sales journal. Customers never have to look for lost tickets or receipts.

For more information on the entire suite of applicationscontact K&K Management Solutions at 800-783-6560. Or email or visit

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