Friday, June 4, 2010

Workshops Galore

Today marked the first full-day online uniPaaS workshop conducted by Magic Software Enterprises Americas for Magic Software University. The idea behind online workshops is to provide uniPaaS (and iBOLT) developers with in-depth training around intermediate and advanced topics from anywhere and in only one-day. Technically these are not online or computer-based courses (self-paced uniPaaS courses have been offered for some time) but rather distance-learning experiences.
The next uniPaaS workshop will be held June 18, 2010 and is titled:

Insider's Guide to Advanced RIA Development with uniPaaS

Developers using uniPaaS, know that it handles the detail work for them when linking to, say, different kinds of databases. Developers can create a data source that can be used in a program, but the actual physical data source... ISAM, SQL, XML ... can be determined at runtime or based on which components are used. The uniPaaS RIA Rich Client extends this functionality so that users can run a program over the Web on various hardware platforms, using the same sort of uniPaaS programming developers are familiar with. In the RIA workshop developers will learn how to develop, optimize and deploy a rich internet application.

uniPaaS developers who enroll in this workshop will learn how-to create interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIA). The course will cover the supporting architecture for RIA. One of the most fundamental concepts discussed, and a key difference with client-server uniPaaS applications, is the Rich Client task life cycle. The course dives deep into the construction of rich client tasks and the task life cycle as this is a key concept. Also discussed are the runtime behaviors that you can expect with uniPaaS RIA and the details of the deployment environment. The course will also teach developers how to simulate multiple document interface (MDI) environments. Although uniPaaS RIA is a “browser-free” application environment, you can still include a browser control inside your RIA application so the workshop teaches you how- to incorporate Web interaction inside the RIA experience. Students will also learn how-to build RIA applications for Windows Mobile devices. Since RIA applications involve both server-side and client-side application logic, the workshop also covers performance awareness and optimization of RIA applications. Finally, the course shows you how-to monitor your RIA application once deployed.
Students taking this workshops should already have taken a “Getting Started with uniPaaS” or “Migration to uniPaaS” course. In addition, you need to be familiar with such concepts as Web browsers, Web Servers, Web Sites, HTML, URLs and addresses. The course requires a current version of uniPaaS. These details will be discussed when you register for the course.

The course cost is $699 and payment and registration details can be arranged through either Brian Pitoniak or Megan Kirby of our sales operations team at (949) 250-1718.

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