Friday, October 29, 2010

uniPaaS and the Next Killer App: Will It Be Yours?

The first Killer App may well have been VisiCalc running on the Apple II computer. The software program itself had so much utility that it convinced customers to buy the personal computer that ran it. Magic Software Enterprises is fortunate in that the uniPaaS Application platform has thousands of killer apps. Every time an end user buys one of our developers’ applications, they receive a uniPaaS application platform as well.

As a result, Magic Software takes great interest in the success of our developers. And we see the good and the bad. Good business models and bad business models. Good marketing and bad marketing. Good salesmanship and bad salesmanship.

In the ongoing recession, it's important to be able to stick out from the crowd of independent software vendors and deliver killer products in terms of functionality and technology.

In order to stand out, you need to be able to focus your development efforts on the features and functions that will cause buyers to want your products. ISVs should adopt application platforms that allow them to focus on developing rapid product functionality rather than dealing with the evolution of the technology, a platform that already automates common and repetitive tasks so that you can avoid coding them by hand. ISVs should choose an application platform that encapsulates essential application capabilities in a single stack platform rather than forcing them to innovate solutions for various architectures, standards, and so on.

Finding the time to switch application platforms is not trivial, however. A good time to make such a move is when one faces a major refactoring effort in their code. In other words, if you are going to have to rework most of your application code anyway because of an adjustment to some new environment or application model (such as Web enablement or SaaS), then you might find that is your best opportunity to start with a new application platform.

It is also important to be able to adopt new business models that can sell more of your products. A platform that allows an ISV to simply adopt new business models such as SaaS from within the platform, without the need to program all the infrastructure needed to enable such an approach is highly desirable.

I don’t know of another application platform other than uniPaaS that has enabled forward migration of business applications across so many different paradigm shifts. DOS to Windows to Web to RIA to SaaS and on and on.

The Magic of uniPaaS may well be its chameleon-like nature, its ability to adapt an application to new environments combined with its highly productive development paradigm. Hyper productivity and a proven 25-year commitment to forward migration make uniPaaS stick out from the crowd.

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