Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nothing but .NET

Okay, so I just like the headline.
The uniPaaS 2.0 deployment engine supports genuine native .NET deployment of uniPaaS 2.0-based applications as native .NET applications. The new uniPaaS 2 engine uses the Windows Forms .NET library as the GUI front-end for applications, resulting in a richer user experience. This fundamental new basis for the client side container provides full integration with the Microsoft .NET framework to significantly enhance application design, functionality, interoperability, and overall user experience regardless of the underlying server operating system (Windows, Linux, UNIX, or IBM i). uniPaaS 2 provides the Magic, .NET, and Java composite application functionality all from a single highly productive and easy-to-maintain platform. Both the Magic uniPaaS Application Platform desktop deployment client and the Magic uniPaaS Application Platform RIA deployment client are fully native .NET based applications. For .NET applications, the uniPaaS 2 deployment engine is a native .NET client, and all uniPaaS applications that are deployed using it qualify as standard .NET applications.
This means that with the release of uniPaaS 2.0 as a genuine native .NET-based product, a whole new and exciting world of .NET controls and services has opened up to developers. The enhancement of .NET integration capabilities provides more functionality and improved productivity. Among the .NET integration features are:
·         Variable Binding: Enables the binding of a uniPaaS variable to a .NET control.
·         Dataview Binding: Directly connects complex data-bound controls such as grid controls to the dataview definition of a uniPaaS program.
·         .NET in Table: Enables placing of .NET controls as automatically repeated controls inside a uniPaaS table control.
·         Colors and Fonts Assignment: Enables direct assignment of the uniPaaS colors and fonts setting to a .NET control.
·         Container Controls: Enable placing of uniPaaS controls inside third-party .NET container controls.
As we begin to see all of these capabilities rolling out into your applications, you have none of the hassle of traditional 3GL or 4GL development and all of the benefits of the .NET architecture. Perhaps the headline is right, you don’t have line-by-line tedious programming, you have nothing but .NET.

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