Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are you falling behind the times?

Trying to read documentation and get updated on your own can be tough. That's why we make it easy to learn how to migrate your applications from either eDeveloper 9.4  or uniPaaS 1.x to Magic xpa. I invite you all to Come to sunny Southern California the week of August 27 for Magic University training. The course schedule breaks down like this:

August 31            RIA Programming for Magic xpa Developers

Basically, the first four days are one course if you are migrating from 9.4 (or earlier). If you are already on uniPaaS V1.x, then you could just come for the last day, Thursday, although I think most will benefit from the entire four days. In the first three days of the course, August 27-29, you will learn about: The Magic xpa project paradigm; Magic xpa studio enhancements and features; data repository; task editors; expression editors; event-based logic; user-defined functions;GUI enhancements; subform controls; application migration; xml handling; use of external version control systems; and rich client applications.

On August 30, the focus will be on migrating to Magic xpa 2.x, additional GUI enhancements; GUI Frames; MDI; and the new open source end user functionality.

August 31 is the optional RIA day. This course will detail the RIA concept and architecture; explain the differences between client-server and RIA applications, detail the development, optimization, deployment and monitoring of RIA apps; provide guidelines for converting existing apps to RIA apps.

The optional RIA class day is $699. The main course from the 27-30 is free if you have a current M&S contract on an Enterprise Studio. The cost is $2,000 if you don’t. Please call your representative to make arrangements for the course. (949) 250-1718. 

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