Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Magic xpa Now Includes Windows 10 Support

For those who have been following the minor version releases of Magic xpa Application Platform 3.0, we are now up to Magic xpa 3.0a. The big news with the latest minor release is that Magic xpa 3.0a now officially supports Windows 10Magic xpa was tested and is compatible to work with Windows 10. The support document for Magic xpa lists the operating systems on which a Magic xpa application can run, the databases it can access, the supported Web servers for running Web applications, the supported middleware for messaging functionality, and the supported frameworks and protocols for advanced integration capabilities. When referring to the Microsoft® 32/64 bit Windows operating system, all platforms supported by Microsoft® are also supported by Magic xpa. The list describes the platforms that are actually tested during the QC process and Windows 10 has been specifically tested.

A few other improvements were squeezed into the Magic xpa 3.0a minor revision. An array size’s calculated value has been increased. First off, the default calculated value of the data source’s array size was increased in order to improve performance. In addition, a new environment setting, Cache size for array fetching(kb), was added to the Preferences tab in order to define the cache size to be used when fetching records. Performance improvements have been achieved in the Space Gateway. The performance of several different aspects of the Space gateway were improved. These are transparent to the developer and user. Support for array fetching has been added in the Space Gateway. 
In the Space gateway, records are now fetched by the array size defined for the data source in the Data Sources repository or the Data Source properties. This functionality reduces network calls and improves performance. It is now possible to access a batch task as a selection program. It wasn't included in the initial 3.0 release and is primarily offered for backward compatibility.

While Microsoft might not be making much on sales of Windows 10, the adoption rate is huge, with 75 million activations in less than a month (that's 6.6% of all PCs). This is a fast rate of adoption, especially by Windows 8 standards, and according to NetMarketShare, Windows 10 (which was released in July) has enjoyed a faster adoption rate than previous versions including Windows 7.

Magic xpa 3.0 is a great Windows 10 development tool. Use Magic xpa Application Platform to build highly secure, scalable and interoperable applications for Windows 10 and cross-platform operating systems for desktop client, rich internet application / rich client, Web client or mobile clients.

For additional benefits of developing data-centric business and enterprise applications for Windows 10 on the Magic xpa application platform visit the Magic website. 


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