Friday, June 12, 2009

The Essence of Application Development Productivity: It Just Is...

Art Pennington's book, the Predator, has lots of great business advice for life insurance leaders. When he gets to the section on technology, I love what he says:

I use the CEO's method of picking software development tools. I pick one that gets you to the end quickest. I don't care what everyone else uses, or whatever Microsoft is selling, or even what your IT guys want. There is only one criterion: the largest amount of software created in the shortest amount of time. Period.

That tool is [uniPaaS] by Magic Software Enterprises. It is, by far, the most productive software development tool available. I can almost guarantee that your IT department will not like this tool. But for minimizing risk and cost, it is the best choice on the market today.

I have solutions using this tool running in life insurance companies across the country, managing over $50 billion in assets.

-- Art Pennington, the Predator, Profit Research Institute, 2008.

It is never easy to put into words why uniPaaS leaves other approaches to application development so far behind. You simply have to spend a few days learning what it can really do to truly understand the "Power of Choice" as Magic's marketing team calls it.

Some of the keys to uniPaaS productivity principles derive from the fact that it is:

  • Repository Based
  • Task Oriented
  • Event Driven
  • Pre-Compiled
  • Reusability Optimized
  • Inheritance Principled
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Internally Debugged
  • Team Ready

When I talk to IT analysts about uniPaaS, they focus in on its metadata-driven approach to application development. I am certain that those of you who program with uniPaaS on a daily basis could find even better ways to describe the essence of uniPaaS productivity. But as I have been told so many times when I ask real developers why uniPaaS is the most productive application platform on the market today, "it just is."

The results, at least, are hard to argue. As Pennington states:

Just by eliminating inefficiency you can:

  • Double pre-tax earnings
  • Achieve a 33% increase in ROE
  • Achieve a 50% increase in ROA
Or in other words, it just is.

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