Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 10 Tips to Get Approval to Upgrade to uniPaaS

Getting the boss's approval to upgrade important software can be a challenge, particularly when budgets are tight. Here are a few tips on how to get approval to upgrade to uniPaaS from your outdated development platform:

  • PREPARE. Go in armed with all the necessary materials to make a good case for your upgrade. Download the “Ten Reasons” brochure and visit the series of blog entries on reasons to upgrade in the uniPaaS blog.

  • LEARN. Download or attend the Magic University course “Getting Started with uniPaaS Open Client” or "Getting Started with uniPaaS RIA" so that you can speak with authority on the capabilities of uniPaaS for client-server, Web and RIA applications.

  • RELATE. Show others in your organization including line-of-business managers and C-level executives what a uniPaaS RIA application can look like by showing them the RIA demo at Show how specific problems or issues you've recently encountered, such as the need for more secure high-speed mobile computing, can be overcome by one of the improvements in uniPaaS.

  • SHARE. Point others in your organization towards the new online Magic community and learning resources for uniPaaS like the “Mastering uniPaaS” book.

  • SAVE. Point out the ROI benefits of migrating to uniPaaS immediately to avoid releasing a new version of your software based on old unsupported technology. Cost savings, productivity enhancements, application improvements, user interface benefits, and much more, are all available immediately, but only if you make the leap to uniPaaS. A delayed start to active development using uniPaaS equates to a very real loss of benefits to your company. Be prepared to provide an ROI or TCO analysis if requested.

  • TEAM. Review the benefits of uniPaaS with other members of your development team. Gain an understanding of how the improvements can enhance efforts across your development team.

  • CONSULT. Magic Professional Services can help to provide you with a migration readiness assessment. This formal consulting process will help you to plan for all aspects of your migration to uniPaaS and can provide a pathway to expert application of automated conversion processes.

  • LAUNCH. Ask for a commitment on a specific launch date for your team’s use of uniPaaS. Come in armed with a launch plan.

  • MEET. Set a specific meeting in which you can present your upgrade request to senior management. Make it clear to everyone that this is an important and needed decision.

  • DECIDE. Give a deadline to make a decision. Present the information and ask for an answer within a specified time frame. Reiterate that procrastination has real expenses and costs associated with it as well as lost business opportunities.

    For direct assistance, contact Magic Software Enterprises and we will be happy to help you make your case.
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