Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why develop RIA applications with uniPaaS?

When developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) the number of tools required to create a complete application should be a paramount concern. Do you have to learn completely new programming languages for the data layer, the transport layer, the business logic layer and the user interface layer? With most approaches on the market today, yes. But there is one solution that takes a unitary approach: the uniPaaS application platform is a single, consistent solution that allows you to design, develop, test, deploy and monitor Rich Internet Applications -- not just the user interface of those RIA applications, but the entire spectrum of the application including the data and business logic layers.

The problem with most RIA development in the early adopter phase was that the programming was predominated by a herd of web developers with nothing but time on their hands, few of whom had any real grounding in the development of business applications. Transactions and database programming was something that "the other guy" did. So the early wave of RIA adoption largely produced a milieu of fanciful applications that served little or no real business purpose. They looked good and impressed their friends. Period.

As RIA is being investigated by serious enterprise computer programmers there needs to be a maturing of the approach in order to achieve true scalability, operational reliability, transactional integrity and security needed for business processes.

In this regard, the uniPaaS application platform has come to the fore in the serious considerations being made by Global 2000 businesses. In fact, numerous organizations ranging from the United Nations to UPS to SunLife have already made the move to uniPaaS for core business mission-critical applications. As a result, Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ:MGIC) has seen impressive growth in interest for its products and solutions in recent months.

The evaluation process for uniPaaS can be conducted anonymously or with expert assistance, it's your choice. Many individuals simply like to try the free download of uniPaaS. But I actually recommend interacting with the very helpful pre-sales engineers at Magic Software and getting a personalized demonstration. "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." The nice thing about a demo is that when you do download the software and the free self-paced course, you have a much better sense of what you are trying to accomplish.

When evaluating one thing should become very clear. You have a single consistent and uniform IDE for all three layers of your Rich Internet Applications: the data layer, the business logic layer, and the user interface layer. This makes uniPaaS the only major unitary application platform in the RIA space.

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