Friday, November 12, 2010

Magic Software Enterprises: Riding the Magic Wave Into the Cloud

If you have been paying attention to the results of Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ:MGIC) on the Nasdaq Exchange this week, this month or this year, then you’ve noticed the exuberance shown by the markets towards the makers of uniPaaS, an emerging cloud-enabled application platform. Remarkably, uniPaaS is still relatively unknown in the marketplace. It is as if we have been engaging in underground programming and underground marketing. For this reason Magic Software’s Regev Yativ, CEO of the company in the Americas, has been pushing a new idea: uniPaaS Jet. You’ve probably seen the download “coming soon” banner on the Magic Software website or brief mentions of uniPaaS Jet on our blogs. You may even be involved in our beta test program for uniPaaS Jet.

One senses that with uniPaaS Jet we are going to take our long history of underground programming and turn it into a viral, programmer driven marketing engine. Underground programming conjures up quite a different image from a name like uniPaaS Jet that invokes images of high flying aerial acrobatics. uniPaaS Jet creates single user applications with all the powerful capabilities of our full-featured uniPaaS application platform. But stay with me for a moment. As more and more developers download uniPaaS Jet and begin creating free distribution applications, the name will penetrate further and further into the marketplace.

There are lots of good single user applications that developers may want to create. In fact, the most commercially successful application software programs ever are basically single user applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. But the focus of uniPaaS is more along the lines of a business application.

So who are these underground programmers with uniPaaS Jet going to be? Members of the existing Magic development community? Yes, in some cases. But many who will be creating all these single user applications are younger developers seeking to get noticed. These young underground programmers will take Magic Software up into the atmosphere like a Jet.

So what will these applications actually do? Everything from managing your passwords to organizing your investments. One can easily imagine a program to help artists catalog their works, a sort of personal digital portfolio that tracks the business side of being an artist. An application like this would need to track when a work was created, to whom it was sold, derivative works, numbered prints, etc. On the reverse side a collector may want a digital collection catalog as well. When was it purchased for how much, who is the artist, when was it liquidated from the collection, for how much, to whom, auctions, dates, prices, etc.

When creativity is unleashed, good works ensue. This is only one of the tracks that Magic Software Enterprises is following to ride the Magic wave into the clouds. Stay tuned. There will be plenty to see in the coming days.

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