Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making the World A Safer Place with uniPaaS

I always enjoy seeing innovative uniPaaS software applications, especially those that are used by first responders to make our world a safer place. The mi-Stock application by Magic Software business partner M.A.G. Integration is a great example. mi-Stock was designed to meet the needs of security and fire departments in today’s fast moving world.

mi-Stock is an asset management system for fire departments. Firefighters rely on mi-Stock to confirm with complete certainty that they have all the assets they need, where they need them in order to serve and defend those whom they are called to protect. In the process, it is delivering time and cost savings as well. In between calls, mi-Stock helps those who manage assets knowing what has actually been used for past events, how much should be reordered, how much it is worth and where everything belongs once received. Taking inventory is faster and easier. Accounting discrepancies are eliminated by using the mi-Stock application. From a management perspective, accurate and reliable data is accessible in real time to assist in decision-making.

In addition to the long list of features that are include in mi-Stock, there are additional modules that can be added such as the new mi-Stock Mobile application for real-time field asset management and the Maintenance Management Module. M.A.G. Integration is also very agreeable when customization is requested for unique processes and requirements.

This is only one example of the excellent solutions available from M.A.G. Integration, a Magic Software Partner with years of experience delivering solutions for customers of all sizes.

To try uniPaaS for yourself, sign up for the uniPaaS Jet download program.

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