Thursday, December 30, 2010

RAWcross America Rolls Through the Bay Area Promoting Emerging Artists and Programmers

The RAWcross America tour has begun its coast-to-coast trip sponsored by Magic Software Enterprises. As expands their network of emerging artists nationwide they will be extending them an invitation to enter the uniPaaS Jet Viral Video Competition.

On top of that they will be taking the uniPaaS Jet RAWmobile coast-to-coast emblazoned with the uniPaaS Jet logo and it may even be picking up some more stickers along the way (stay tuned). “ is all about featuring the work of a mostly younger generation of emerging artists,” says Heidi Luerra, founder of “We think uniPaaS Jet is an ideal sponsor because of its similar goals of bringing the vision of an accelerated development process to a new generation of software developers. Our artists will be invited to showcase their amazing talents in the uniPaaS Jet viral video competition, thereby focusing the attention of a powerful social media system on both emerging artists and uniPaaS Jet.”

Since the RAW Artists organization promotes a wide variety of art forms, we could be seeing uniPaaS Jet viral videos submitted by painters, sculptors, hairdressers, models, makeup artists, fashion designers, musicians, performance artists, jewelery designers and yes, filmmakers.

I love the “Powered by uniPaaS Jet” banner across the top of the news page on This is the concept car that we approved. But as Matthew Klahorst, Marketing Director for explained, when they went to actually rent the SUV, it turned out to be red. The rental car company laughed at them when they tried to reserve an SUV by color. (Note to Rental Car Company: If you need help modifying your software to allow for a color request field, I know a few uniPaaS programmers who might be able to enhance and extend your applications).

Yesterday those amazing RAW Artists shot a uniPaaS Jet “commercial” in front of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and last night they had a meet and greet in Berkeley. I wonder if they stopped in front of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum or the San Francisco Courts where uniPaaS applications have been running things for years.
The tour lands in Portland to promote emerging artists on January 1st. They got some nice local publicity about that event. Portland isn’t exactly known as a programming center but there have been some signs of an emerging mobile development community in Portland that it would be great to connect uniPaaS Jet to. So just as these startup mobile software development companies in Portland begin to emerge, the RAWcross America tour is coming through town. For a more corporate look and feel, the RAWcross America tour could pose in front of the Rose Quarter, Portland’s famed events center where a uniPaaS application called ABI Mastermind is doing all the workforce management needed.

It may seem like a right-brain, left-brain conflict for a company with an emerging cloud application platform to be sponsoring a tour by a band of wandering artists. But sometimes you just have to roll with it. Travel on RAWcross America. We'll see you at the next stop!

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