Friday, December 31, 2010

Sacramento Software Development Community Waves at the uniPaaS Jet RAWmobile

The uniPaaS Jet RAWCross America Tour Rolls through Sacramento
The uniPaaS Jet RAW Mobile is appropriately enough a Dodge Journey. As makes their RAWcross America journey from Orange County, California to New York City and back they will be stopping in some pretty interesting places.

Last night they stopped in Sacramento, home of Advanced Business Integrators, a uniPaaS ISV that has accomplished a great deal in the last ten years. ABI makes a workforce management software solution that is ideal for venue management of arenas, stadiums, theaters, performing art centers and other types of event-oriented facilities with highly variable staffing requirements. In fact, ABI Mastermind is the world’s premier workforce management solution. More than half of the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams play in facilities whose workforces are managed by ABI Mastermind on the uniPaaS application platform.

In Sacramento, the uniPaaS Jet RAWMobile drove past the ARCO Arena, home of the Sacramento Kings where ABI Mastermind makes sure all the personnel get what they need and are where they need to be to provide for the security, safety, comfort and entertainment of their audience.

Although Sacramento is not known as a programming hub, you might be surprised by all the programming jobs at software companies in the Greater Sacramento area. And according to the Sacramento Business Journal, Sacramento’s high tech workers earn twice the average salary for the area.

Better yet, software development is a great business for an entrepreneur because you can basically build your product out of thin air (or electrons). Becoming a uniPaaS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) may be the best decision you've ever made. Using uniPaaS application platform technology enables ISVs to develop advanced business applications based upon real Rich Internet Application (RIA) innovation. You will even be in position to take advantage of the coming cloud computing and SaaS revolution.

So how would you go about building your own startup software business in the Sacramento area (or wherever you live?) First of all, you can start by downloading the free uniPaaS Jet development software. This will allow one developer to create as many single user applications as you want and distribute them to an unlimited number of users. I call it the 1:1:infinity formula for business success. One programmer. One User. Infinite repeatability.

Second, you will need to learn to use uniPaaS Jet, so then you should download the free self-paced training materials.

Third, you need to develop ideas. Start by looking at the free uniPaaS Jet RIA demo online to figure out what’s possible. Download the source code for fun. Finally, build an application that you will be proud of. It may simply be a resume or portfolio piece or it may be a commercial application that you plan to sell to that infinite universe of potential users.

The next stop on the RAWcross America tour will be Portland Oregon home of a growing mobile software development community. And then the tour is on to Seattle, Washington. Not exactly Redmond, but Seattle is a big software town nonetheless. See you on the road!


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