Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seattle Programming Community and Seattle Arts Community Greet RAWcross America

The Seattle programming community can see the uniPaaS Jet RAWmobile as the Seattle Arts Community is the next stop on the road to greet RAWcross America. For those who have not been keeping up, Magic Software Enterprises has sponsored the RAWcross America tour of the organization and the Magic Software and uniPaaS Jet logos are prominently displayed on the Dodge Journey that is carrying the RAWcross America team across the United States on their promotional tour.

RAWcross America completes its mission in Portland this afternoon from 2 - 4 pm at Stumptown Coffee (128 Southwest 3rd Avenue | Portland) and then rolls onto Seattle, Washington Monday, January 3rd for a meet and greet at the Faire Gallery Cafe-Bar (1351 East Olive Way | Seattle) from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

I am not surprised that artists choose to live in places like Portland and Seattle. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most scenic parts of the country affording amazing mountain vistas, towering evergreen trees, crystal clear lakes and abundant wildlife sightings. It is essential to have a camera on hand for a journey through this part of the country. Of course, if anything goes wrong with the photographic equipment during the RAWcross America tour or if the RAWcross America team just feels the urge to get some photos printed from their digital SDs they can walk into a Ritz Camera and Imaging Center to do their business. Magic Software’s technology has recently been implemented by the Ritz IT department to help integrate software applications. The RITZ IT department is headquartered all the way over in Beltsville, Maryland. I love this photo of the Farmer's Market in Seattle, taken by my friend Terry Read ((c)2011, Terry Read, shown with permission).

When one thinks of programming in the State of Washington, the topic of Microsoft immediately comes to mind. They certainly employ most of the programmers in that state. But there is actually a large software development community in Seattle and across the State of Washington that is not employed by Microsoft. Puget Sound is certainly one of the most prominent features of the geography of the State of Washington. It separates Seattle and surrounding communities making businesses like ferries and water taxis a common sight in the area.

One of the more interesting independent software vendor applications running on the uniPaaS application platform is CabritaTrek by Cabrita Software in Snohomish, Washington Cabrita™ TREK is one of Cabrita Software’s flagship applications. It is a customizable software application designed to make managing and operating air taxis, commuter airlines and large transport carriers easier. These local airlines make getting around the Sound and beyond more convenient than ever.
Of course the State of Washington itself is a big uniPaaS customer with applications run by courts, law enforcement and detention facilities statewide. Another big name in the State of Washington is Boeing, and of course they use uniPaaS applications from Dove Tree Canyon Software as well as other home-grown Magic applications.

Following the stop in Seattle, Washington, the RAWcross America tour will head to Denver. And so we’ll be talking about the Denver Computer Software Programming Community next.

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