Monday, January 10, 2011

New York Software Development and Programming Community: “No Words”

Call it the Big Apple, Gotham, the City that Never Sleeps. Everybody knows that New York City is a major center of just about everything. And while most people will always think of Wall Street, Madison Avenue or Fashion Week first, by its sheer size if nothing else, New York City is also home to a very sizable software development community. Magic Software’s uniPaaS Jet sponsorship of RAWcross America arrives in New York City today. It may be one little red SUV in a sea of yellow taxis, and no all the honking horns and shout outs may not be to encourage us forward in our journey across America, nevertheless, uniPaaS runs vital mission critical applications in New York.

United Nations. Some people even call New York City “the capital of the world.” The presence of the United Nations building in New York may have a lot to do with that. And yes, uniPaaS is installed right there in the United Nations Building, running the United Nations custom-developed software for multilingual document management and legislative tracking system for the planet’s largest and most important international organization. The United Nations understood that application platforms which enable encoding of business functionality into Metadata offer a number of business benefits to the challenges faced by enterprises today.

Wall Street. Securities trading experiences incredibly high transaction levels everyday. And the business of tracking trades, trading settlements and auditing them is no trivial matter. That’s why Transaction Auditing Group (TAG) uses Magic Software’s technology to automate the flow of transaction information for best execution trading analysis from every single securities market in the United States including the New York Stock Exchange.

Founded in 1996, TAG pioneered the first standardized execution quality TAG Report by creating ground-breaking Industry Average Benchmarks. Since that time, TAG has been developing numerous products including innovative and powerful Execution Analytics Solutions measuring: quality of execution, competition between market participants (Execution venues, Brokers), US Best Execution Compliance reporting, Transaction Cost Analysis, and more. Our proven track record for custom analysis was created by the flexibility of our proprietary TAG IQ Engine which will tackle any size custom request. TAG helps market participants to take control of Best Execution, Trading Costs, Market Fragmentation, and Regulatory Obligation in this quickly evolving global landscape.

Why Application Development Managers in New York Software Development Companies Choose uniPaaS. Technical leaders in software solution providers face a daunting challenge in keeping pace with infrastructure technology changes and user demand for new services, while maximizing productivity of their development teams. The high cost of hiring new talent to master new tools and technology can kill profit while asking existing developers to learn new tools and technologies often creates stress in an environment where resources are already highly constrained. An alternative approach to traditional development and deployment of application solutions utilizes metadata-driven application platforms. This approach enables development which is abstracted from the underlying technology, which means infrastructure can be modernized without impacting applications. For solution providers using Magic Software's uniPaaS, perhaps the biggest productivity gains come from simplified development together with business users and the requirement for only one skill-set for both client-side Web, Mobile and server-side development. And now with uniPaaS Jet’s amazing one-developer-one user-infinite sales approach, a whole industry of small application development houses creating custom business software in New York City are emerging alongside established New York City software development companies like New Era Solutions. will be at Snap in NEW YORK CITY Monday, January 10th from 6 - 8 pm. Snap is located at 248 W 14th St in New York. Artists and art organizations wishing to attend the event should contact or And if you are a programmer and just want to drop in and buy them a cold one, I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Next stop: Philly!

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