Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Collaborative Approach to Migrating Your Magic Applications

One of the most overlooked benefits of the Magic xpa Application Platform is the availability of professional services from Magic itself. When a customer has an older application – say one that was originally developed in eDeveloper or even an earlier version of Magic, these professional services can be especially useful.
Magic provides services that leverage automated tools for the smooth migration of Magic applications from version-to-version, database-to-database, and deployment-mode-to-deployment-mode. As experienced Magic xpa developers know, the Magic xpa Application Platform supports a wide range of deployment channels.

Magic helps you enhance and redeploy your Magic applications by efficiently managing the entire migration process from any version of your applications, platform infrastructure, or databases.

Our professional consultants can provide you with a migration needs assessment;  apply automated tools for SQL, RIA, web, and mobile migration; manage deliverables for a smooth and gradual migration path; and offer custom-designed migration projects suited to your application development preferences.

The flexible approach and extensive set of skills applied provide you with the application modernization you need at an affordable price. We leverage a well-established knowledge base of existing migration projects to streamline your project. We apply expertise and proven methodologies from these other projects in a way that is tailored to your application and needs. By leveraging the Magic professional services team, you are able to focus on new features and improvements related to your core application and deliver a complete new version of your applications in a fraction of the time. 

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