Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mobile Saturday

In this demo, Magic demonstrates how you can easily develop applications that deploy natively on all mobile devices. The sample app is sort of silly, an "asset management" app for families in which family members set meetings like "portfolio management review." That made me laugh, but then the video gets into the Magic xpa Studio and shows how-to add form controls, bind variables, set data sources for drop-down lists, and so on. Not bad!

One nice aspect is that the new application does not have to be redistributed to users. The next time they run the app, it is simply the new and enhanced version that executes. In this sense, RIA apps, are a lot like SaaS or web-based apps. 

With the Magic xpa Application Platform, a single development effort can create apps that run on multiple devices such as the Android example in the demo. 

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