Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upgrades Make Cents and Sense Says IDC

Upgrading your Magic Application Platform to the latest version of the Magic xpa Application Platform makes both cents and sense according to IDC. As IDC analysts Jean Bozman and Randy Perry report in their White Paper on upgrade costs, “a buy-and-hold strategy can actually add costs to the datacenter, for a number of reasons, as systems age in place.” Bozman and Perry point out that as applications age, their maintenance and support fees typically rise; that aging applications cost more due to poorer performance over time including increasing downtime; and that the aging of the entire software stack  (operating systems, databases, application platforms, applications, etc.) after about five years incurs costs related to lagging behind currently available technology.

Forrester Research suggests that businesses considering software upgrades take into account what they call Total Economic Impact (TEI). TEI incorporates cost-benefit estimates in much the same manner as Return-on-Investment (ROI) and Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) analysis do, but it adds two additional factors: risk and flexibility. This pushes an organization to look beyond known costs to an evaluation of future risks that incur by failing to upgrade. It also strives to put an economic estimate on the benefit of having more choice in the future for needs and opportunities that cannot even be accurately foreseen today.

At Magic, we use the tagline “Outperform the Future.” A big component of this is being prepared for the unknowns that the future most certainly will bring. That’s why we can put an economic value on risk and flexibility. The details may not be precisely known today. But the certainty of future value to an organization of being prepared for those future unknowns is huge and not to be overlooked. For this reason, many organizations simply view upgrades to their Magic xpa Application Platform as a key to future success and benefits to the organization.

Rather than viewing software version upgrades, updates and enhancements as a cost center, they see it as an opportunity to continue providing vital business solutions in an agile manner.

A great illustration of how Magic technology de-risks the future and provides more flexibility is found in the example of enterprise mobility – the challenge of doing business on the go with smartphones and tablets. Magic xpa provides all kinds of flexibility with the ability to extend business processes to Android, iOS and other devices while at the same time dramatically reducing risk (not to mention cost) by allowing you to start development by leveraging an application platform that already contains your existing pool of business logic.

Magic xpa also allows you to seamlessly transition to .NET, deliver secure business applications anywhere over the Internet with Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and create new versions of your applications for the latest releases of databases and operating systems used for desktop and web environments. If you are one of the minority who has not yet transitioned your users to Magic xpa IApplication Platform 2.x, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to Outperform the Future.

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