Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reason #2: Cost Savings

20 Reasons to Migrate Magic eDeveloper, uniPaaS and Magic xpa to .NET by Upgrading Rather than Converting
Reason #2: Cost Savings

One of the logical fallacies put forward by vendors offering Magic  to .NET conversion is related to the idea of cost savings. When you upgrade to the latest version of Magic xpa you get full access to the .NET platform without all of the manual programming overhead that a non-platform based language like C# automatically entails.

Cost reduction is easily demonstrable in the upgrade from Magic v5-8, eDeveloper and uniPaaS to Magic xpa. Magic Software offers an ROEI Assesment Document to help you calculate the savings made possible by an upgrade versus the significantly higher (order of magnitude) costs associated with converting an application and maintaining it into the future.

Reason #2: Cost Savings

In narrative form, these cost savings can be summarized as follows. First, Magic xpa yields development productivity increases when creating new components, features and enhancements to your Magic application. Second, given the improvements in the development capabilities in Magic xpa, the costs of maintaining or modifying the application vs. C# or Java are reduced by as much as an order of magnitude.  Third, as it is faster to implement Web services, development time and cost will also be reduced with Magic xpa vs. C# and similarly tedious languages. Magic xpa differs from older versions of Magic in the way it implements and consumes Web services. Fourth, by eliminating the need for a database to store code/instructions (Btrieve) , you can save costs by moving to Metadata / XML. It also improves performance for the application & developer.

If you convert older Magic applications to C# or Java code instead of upgrading, your business logic requires manual programming to implement all of these improvements. No one knows this better that the companies who have made the mistake of converting. Their hiring patterns since converting their applications show a marked increase in the need for non-Magic developers. Not only does this leave Magic developers looking for a job, it ends up costing these companies a fortune to hire two to three times more developers to maintain an application in a non-platform environment. Upgrading is a more efficient way to leverage your Magic application and modernize your application. As stated previously, all development becomes manual in C# and Java and loses the significant inherent advantages of platform based computing. For additional information on how an upgrade is superior to Magic to .NET conversion please convert here.

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