Tuesday, May 2, 2017

20 Reasons to Migrate Magic eDeveloper, uniPaaS and Magic xpa to .NET by Upgrading Rather than Converting

Magic xpa Application Platform provides the best pathway for upgrading your existing Magic, eDeveloper and uniPaaS applications. Despite the changes in product names, the Magic core development technology provides a straightforward upgrade path that delivers a much better route to application modernization than expensive, unreliable and ineffective third-party offers for the conversion and refactoring of applications into code. 

Despite the sales gimmicks offered such as “we’ll do it for free” and then you only have to pay us later, the 3rd-party conversion process is fraught with risk, devoid of value and saddles your organization with an expensive and ineffective code base. 

By choosing an upgrade instead, you preserve the value of the Magic application platform and taken the burden of modernization off of your programmers. Make no mistake, the real goal of these 3rd party conversion offers are to make you dependent on their programmers far into the future.

The Magic Application Platform blog included a series of articles entitled

20 Reasons to Migrate Magic eDeveloper, uniPaaS and Magic xpa to .NET
by Upgrading Rather than Converting

I invite you to explore the topics in that series by following any of these links:

Reason # 20:   We See Sharp So You Don’t Have to C#

Reason # 19:   Enterprise Mobility Apps

Reason # 18:   Distributed Application Architecture

Reason #17:    Magic xpa has a Built-In Licensing Mechanism

Reason #16:    Straightforward Security Management

Reason #15:    Magic xpa Surpasses C# in Interoperability for .NET

Reason #14:    Web Services

Reason # 13:   Maintainability of Applications

Reason #12:    Converting Magic to C# Leads to Loss of Portability

Reason #11:    Magic xpa Provides Better .NET Handling than C#.NET, So Why Convert?

Reason #10:    Rapid Return on Investment (RROI) with Magic vs. Converting to C# 3GL

Reason #9:      C#.NET Manages Tab Order Poorly

Reason #8:      Client-Server Interactions Must Be Programmed Manually in C#

Reason #7:      .NET Done Right

Reason #6:      Magic v5-8 are not object-oriented or component friendly and C# and Java won’t help (but Magic xpa will).

Reason #5:      Upgrading to Magic xpa 2.x reduces risk versus C#, ASP, or Java

Reason #3:      Checking and Debugging

Reason #2:      Cost Savings

Reason #1:      Superior Developer Productivity versus C#, ASP, or Java

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